About Us

Hearing it is not the same as listening to it. Walking within it is nothing like feeling it.
Dryad'Secret was formed in 2018. About our name, "Dryad" is a forest nymph in Greek mythology. She symbolized nature and beauty. Dryad's secret takes an idea that every flowers or trees have it own beauty and charm. People are more conscious of gorgeous scenery, but we rarely pay attention to see the beauty of simple things. Here in Dryad'Secret world, every piece of jewelry has its own story. We are in passion to bring you a different way to adopt the simplest and unique beauty with a meaningful story behind. Jewelry is not all about luxury. It could be a passion, a love, a promise, or simply a totem present one of a kind and beautiful you. 
Welcome to the Dryad'Secret, HERE to explore the timeless pieces only for you.